Get Up With Gloria K-Cups

Calmness and serenity surround you. You lie there with your head sinking into your pillow and your blanket pulled up around you, snuggling your body like a warm campfire. NOTHING can ruin this moment or this feeling of complete and utter comfort. Oh, but wait, what’s that sound I’m starting to hear? No, it can’t be time, not yet! It can’t be! Just a couple more minutes. Lord, say it isn’t so. I’m not ready! I can’t adult, not today! Yes, we have all experienced this moment. The moment our alarm clock is blaring in our ear, reminding us what the day has in store for us. How many of us feel like this every morning? I know I have felt like this countless mornings, dreading getting up out of bed and dragging myself into work. It can be hard sometimes to find motivation to get up and out of bed, but fear not, fellow friends, because I have a sweet surprise for you. A little beauty I found called Gloria Jean’s Coffee. Now, instead of waking up to the stench of the day, I wake up to the sweet aroma of a cup of Gloria Jean’s.

A Cup Load of Reasons to Get Out of Bed

Are your taste buds ready for an explosion of flavor? Everything you need to know about this coffee flavor is all the name. RASPBERRY and CHOCOLATE, could you ask for a more perfect combination? When you take your first sip put on your seat belt and get ready to take a ride on the flavor express. You’ll be hit with the sweet tangy taste of raspberries, and then mellowed back down with the dark chocolate flavor.

Remember Walking into grandmas house and smelling that sweet smell of homemade cookies baking in the oven? Now imagine being able to wake up every morning and that be the first thing you smell to start off your day. Could you ask for a more welcoming aroma? This coffee not only smells like heaven but taste like it too.

Ready to get a little nutty? You can never go wrong with Hazelnut. It’s a flavor we all know and love. Gloria Jean brings us a unique flavor of buttery and sweet roasted nuts that is warm and rich and all around a good time.

Are you a smooth sailor? Do you like a wave of rich buttery taste with a slight hint of caramel toffee that comes sneaking up on you? If you answered yes to either one of these questions then this is the perfect coffee for you. Not only do you get your morning caffeine kick, but also a kick of flavor.

French vanilla is a widely enjoyed classic. It’s a flavor that has been around since the beginning of coffee. However, Gloria Jean’s still manages to put their own twist on this classic and this french vanilla supreme truly stands out from the rest!

Waking up with Macadamia Cookie

(our personal favorite)!

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