Easy, Quick Coffee Kick!

Easy and quick are two words that I think every single person likes to hear. Especially someone like me that has a three year old toddler running around like a raging bull, a new born baby girl requiring my attention every 5 seconds, and a husband that is almost as bad as the 3 year old and newborn combined . Frantically searching for my cup of coffee has become an everyday necessity for me. I don’t just enjoy drinking a cup of coffee, I need a cup of coffee or two or four or ten just to survive my day. Whenever I don’t have the time or energy to get up and make a pot of coffee for myself, these coffee infused energy bites are a great alternative. They are not only easy and quick but also give me my coffee kick!

Full Recipe For Coffee Infused Energy Bites



  • Cover the bowl and chill the mixture for 45 minutes. This is important because the mixture needs to firm up to be formed into balls.
  • Form the mixture into balls after chilling. You can store in the fridge up to seven days in an air tight container.
  • ENJOY!!!!!


  • This recipe makes 12-15 energy bites depending on how small or large you make them.
  • As always, you can add more coffee if you would like a stronger coffee taste! Our measurements will give you a hint of coffee taste.

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