About Us

Eight Years of love and friendship and we still try to make everyday together an adventure. We believe that no adventure is too small, which is why we decided to create Pour My Cup. We love all things Coffee and Tea, but always found ourselves choosing the same product when, in fact, there are SO many to choose from. That morning cup of joe is often how we start our day. That cup of tea is how we wind down. We asked ourselves, “Why are we settling for the same old thing when there could be something even BETTER to enjoy?” And we know you’ve asked yourself the same question.

Our Mission

We are going on an adventure to try everything coffee and tea and we want you to join us! We are just ordinary people here to provide honest, accurate reviews on all the options available to you for your coffee and tea needs! WE try before YOU buy. Join us for our Coffee Talk and Tea Talk videos to explore what’s out there!

Coffee and Tea... A Hug in a Mug!